About Us

Wendy of YoliMart is a Nurse, Foodie, and a Mom. Wendy learned how to cook by helping her grandmother around the kitchen. She prepares staple dishes with the most exquisite details. Wendy graduated both in Haiti and the US in Culinary Arts school and she is the 4th generation who exhibits such a passion for cooking.

Wendy "YoliMart is a tribute to her beautiful mother"

 Wendy offers authentic and fresh cuisine to her clients and only uses the best ingredients. Whether she cooks for one or hundreds Wendy displays the same passion and discipline. Of course, she is a lover of life and prioritized living life on her terms. 

Wendy's services are offered in Haiti, the US, and Canada (limited). Her goal is to cherished her passion for cooking start and her own business. 

Lastly, In 2018, She proudly founded Yolimart and Catering for many clients across the states. Wendy offers authentic self-care products through her platform for your well-being and your home.